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We take great pleasure in welcoming you to

Si Surin Thai Restaurant.

Siam, the land we know today as Thailand, is one of

Indochina’s oldest kingdoms. Situated between the giant

landmasses of China and India, both Thai cuisine and

Thai culture retain the strong influence of these

powerful neighbors.

Lightly sauteed white-meats, fish, poultry and

vegetables - usually with rice - form the basics of Thai

cooking. Together with the countless herbs and spices

originating in Siam, these balanced ingredients give

Thai cooking its unique blend of flavors - and its

delightful spiciness. Additionally many Thai herbs are

as prized for their therapeutic value as they are for their


Most Thai dishes are best eaten with fork and spoon, but

for dishes that so lend themselves, eating directly with

the fingers is also appropriate. The knife is seldom

required. Thai cuisine has no strict order of courses, so

as each dish is ready in the kitchen, it’s brought right to

the table. Guests order individually according to their

own tastes, however when the first

dish arrives everyone shares. In this way friends dining

together can try a bit of everything that’s ordered at

their table. It’s fun and it shortens any waiting made

necessary by the complicated preparation some dishes


In the kitchen Si Surin’s cooks prepare each dish - even

the soups - individually for each guest. We go to great

lengths to obtain fresh, authentic ingredients and to

keep our recipes as close to Thai tradition as is possible

here in Germany. We trust the pride and care that go

into the preparation of each dish are evident when it

arrives at your table.


Should you prefer any dish less (or more) spicy,

please make your wishes known to your waiter

when you order.

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